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Physical art 
is going digital

Scannable QR canvases that lets you showcase digital art (and much more) on your physical walls.

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Qrtsy canvas labelled "try me"
  • Qrtsy canvas on a desk with a blue lamp
  • Qrtsy canvas on a blank wall
  • Qrtsy canvas on a brown desk with a plant
  • Qrtsy canvas on wooden backdrop

Getting your own Qrtsy art is easy!

Most of the work is done for you, you just need to buy your Qrtsy, upload your artwork, and enjoy!

  • 1
    Buy a Qrtsy canvas

    Qrtsy canvases are available in 8x8" and 16x16", purchase one and we will print your custom QR canvas and ship it to your door.

  • 2
    Setup your Qrtsy

    Scan your Qrtsy, or follow the email instructions we will send you after checkout, to setup your Qrtsy. You will prompted to upload your artwork, choose what text you display, or what URL you'd like to redirect to. This can always be changed later!

  • 3
    Hang it up!

    That's it! Now you and your guests can view your Qrtsy art everytime you scan it with any compatible phone or QR reader.

Phone scanning a Qrtsy and displaying the Mona Lisa

Customize your

Single image

The "traditional" route, upload a single piece of art and display it when users scan your Qrtsy. You can update your art as often as you want!

Image gallery

Don't limit your creativity! Qrtsy let's you upload multiple images and display them in a gallery when scanned.

Custom text

Use Markdown to write text to share with your guests, great for sharing house rules, welcoming guests, or just telling jokes.

URL Redirect

Send your guests to a specific URL when they scan your QRtsy. Great for showcasing your portfolio or just sharing your favorite sites!

Available in two sizes

Make a statement with a large 16x16" Qrtsy, or use small 8x8" Qrtsy's to accent your existing art.

A 16 inch Qrtsy canvas next to an 8 inch Qrtsy canvas

Frequently asked questions

What am I actually buying?
You are buying a physical canvas with a unique QR code printed on it, when scanned it will show your guests the art you upload to it.
How does it work?
Your Qrtsy canvas points to a unique URL. When someone scans it, they will simply be redirected to whatever is hosted at that URL.
How do I scan it?
Most smartphones have QR readers built into them, so you can just point your camera app at it and you will be automatically redirected to your Qrtsy page!
Will it ever stop working?
Your Qrtsy should work forever, but if for some reason it stops working we will replace it for free!
Why would I want this?
We are excited about the idea of hosting a digital world on a physical medium and we hope you are too! It's also nice to change out your artwork when you get tired of it.
I have more questions...
We'd be happy to answer them! Send us a message on our contact page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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